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Driving leads and increasing brand awareness

Battery Energy is the only Australian gel battery manufacturer designing low maintenance, long life energy solutions for extreme environmental climates. They have presence across Australia and also a manufacturing plant in China.

They are undergoing internal transformation to ensure they are ahead in their market. Part of their transformation was to ensure their strategy included a strong marketing approach. Recognising they didn't need full time resource, they chose to outsource their marketing to us.

Creation of a brand strategy

We developed their brand strategy to helping their team to communicate the value, purpose and personality of the Battery Energy business. The deliverables included guidelines to help the team properly express the brand ensuring consistent message in communications.

Assets included email signatures as well as proposal and presentation templates. Templates were designed to help to make sure the Battery Energy team spend their valuable time doing their jobs rather than formatting files.

Developing a customised marketing strategy to drive leads and brand awareness

Working as an extension of the Battery Energy team, we developed a specific strategy for their marketing. This included producing personas to reflect what who the Battery Energy audience are, what they do, how they think and how they make decisions. From there, all content is connected to these personas to ensure their content is effective.

We analysed competitor positioning and offerings to fully understand the market and industry. Once that was done, we created a messaging strategy per target audience and a recommendation of tactics to reach them effectively.

Migration of the website with development of a design and content to attract and convert traffic

We moved the Battery Energy website from WordPress to another platform which is easier to manage without the need to upgrade multiple plugins constantly. Also, the new platform needed to be fast. No cluttered code slowing things down.

The website needed to be responsive to expand to large screen format down to mobile ensuring their target audience can view on any platform - from engineers to CFOs.

This project involved recreating the entire content for the site to be client focused, easy to understand, user friendly and also optimised for search. We have increased engagement with the content once a visitor lands on the site by 25%.

The site also needed to include a feedback loop to look at client satisfaction as well as comply with ISO requirements. We developed a customised survey system complete with back end analysis dashboard allowing the team to quickly understand where they stood at any time.

Before After


What good is doing all this activity when you don't know if it is working? We created a dashboard to ensure we know how we are tracking for both macro and micro conversions to accurately measure success and return on investment. This is a live dashboard available to Battery Energy team in real time to ensure they know how things are going.

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